Due to high demand, we will be limiting the quantity of Purple Tips to a maximum of 100 units per order

Quickstart Guide

We are committed on improving the dental experience with fast, comfortable and safe isolation!

Get happier patients now!

1. Universal Connector

Connect to HVE

2. Cotton Roll (optional)

Place a cotton roll on the vestibule of the procedure side to protect the gums

3. Chin Guard

The Chin Guard should make contact with the patient's chin

4. Isolate

Isolate procedure area. The device's Cuspid Line can rest on a patient's tooth for higher stability

Our Story

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan,  hit the coast of the Philippines causing catastrophic damage. In that context, Purple Dental's co-founder, Ignacio Rippes, went to the city of Ormoc to provide dental humanitarian aid. Treating hundreds of patients in precarious condition and without any assistance is what pushed him to think of better ways of providing effective isolation.