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CONTROL AEROSOLS: Study shows that HVE removed 90% more aerosols than low volume saliva ejectors.

IMPROVE QUALITY: Continuous HVE controls moisture while getting quadrant isolation.


One-step quadrant isolation allows multiple sealants at the same time. 

Work 2-4x faster with the Purple Tip.


Avoid excessive use of cotton rolls

Isolate treatment area

Reduce gagging

Protect from aerosols

“A unique design that is comfortable and effective for our pediatric patients. This tip will help ease the uncertainty of being able to control oral fluids inside the oral cavity”

David Tesini, DMD, MS is a pediatric dentist and Associate Clinical Professor at Tufts University

"During this critical time of COVID- 19 pandemic, Purple Dental suction tips offer an innovative and efficient method to control the aerosol spread, keeping the operative area dry and isolated."

Dr. Aidee N. Herman Associate Professor of Tufts University and President of Hispanic International Mission (HIM).